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  • What my options are?

    You have 3 options.


    Select in "your interest is": one-day sessions

    The specialist takes go to the capital of your country.

    In one weekend prior program TBD.

    The results are noted at 6 hours.

    You receive treatment to take home.


    Rent this product for two months.

    It is delivered to you using HDL or USPS or similar you will receive in your hands.

    You are remotely oriented how to operate this equipment.

    Do the MED test and you learn the daily dose.

    You will apply accelerated sessions follow a protocol.

    At the end of the period you must send it back.

    The shipping cost goes for us.


    Buy this product. Ask for a quotation

    It is sent to you by DHL, USPS or similar to deliver it in your hands.

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